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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Help me get a t-shirt

My friends at Manna Project International - Guatemala are trying to build a four-classroom edition to their school out of plastic bottles stuffed with trash.  Not only will this project significantly reduce the amount of unsightly trash in their community, but it will also provide space to educate up to 200 more students.

To raise funds for this project, they are selling t-shirts at $25 each ($17 of which goes directly to the Bottle School Project).  Unfortunately, however, their partner organization is requiring that they sell at least 200 shirts before printing any shirts or receiving any funds.  So far, they have sold 47 shirts, including one that I reserved, and have to sell the remaining 153 shirts in the next THREE DAYS.

Here is what the shirt looks like:

If they are unable to sell 153 more shirts by Friday then they won't receive any money from this fund-raiser and I won't get my shirt.  So please, help me get my shirt by ordering one for yourself:

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  1. MPI-G reached their goal just in time and has raised $1,919.50. Thanks for your support,


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